"LUXOR 2" - A housing and service building at Rruga Gjergj Legisi

Lim-Em, after the successful realization of various objects, such as: Belle View, Liburnia, etc. recently continues with the project for the newest shopping center, at another strategic point of Tirana. The center will be positioned in a residential building, close to Rruga e Durresit, denominated Rruga Gjergj Legisi, Laprakë.

The project is situated in one of the most populated areas of Tirana, with an area of 10.480 m2, 6 floors above the ground and two floors underground, only 2 km away from the "Skanderbeg" Square. Besides the comfortable residential housing area, the center will have a special architectural structure, which includes various commercial, service, entertainment areas, indoor and outdoor parking spaces, green spaces for recreation. It is the ideal place for your family and friends.

Access to the building is made through stairs in the interior of the building. The building is organized in two completely separate blocks that are provided with separate elevators and technical premises from the commercial area.

The shopping center shall be positioned respectely in -1 floor, ground zero and half floor 1. Such well-organized and arranged premises will guarantee the success of your business.


Apartament 3+1, Liburnia, Sip:125.3m2.

Ky ndërtim madhështor është pjesë integrale e investimit të kompanisë sonë në përmirësimin e imazhit dhe modernizimin...

Apartament 2+1, Luxor 2, Sip:104m2

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Apartament 2+1, Belleview 1, Sip:99m2

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What customers say about us?

House I bought at LIM-EM, at Belle View complex has offered a low price and the closeness to nature that I had dreamed. A flat in Tirana and away from the noise of Tirana.
Viktor Zhusti
Viktor Zhusti
The quality of work, integrity and reliability of LIM-EM in construction and above all respect of the deadlines, convinced me to buy a flat at LIM-EM.
Erisa Zyka
Erisa Zyka
I decided to buy to LIM-EM because their building offers me security, tranquility, clear and fresh air and above all a wonderful view of Tirana.
Eranda Libohova
Eranda Libohova
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