"LUXOR 1" – A housing and service building at Rruga "Tefta T. Koço"

The construction of this luxurious object in an excellent position for housing has already started. It offers the characteristics of a superior and modern building, in one of the best areas of Tirana, located:

  • 150 m from "Avni Rustemi" Square (Pazari i Ri)
  • 50 m from "Ismail Qemali" School
  • 150 m from the City’s Ring Road

The sole construction of 9 floors in this quiet and safe living area offers apartments, as follows hereunder:

  • 3+1
  • 2+1
  • 1+1
  • Shops at 30 - 150 m2
  • Garages


The Facade. Among the technical and aesthetical elements of the designs is the facade. Our object shall have a ventilated facade, which outlines the perimeter of the object with a double layer, which protects it from climatic factors. Application of this method aims to maximally reduce the costs for maintaining a constant temperature in the environment, saving considerably your electricity bills. Moreover, such coating protects walls from moisture that is produced by changing climate conditions. In this way, you will have a house without humidity, warm in winter and cool in summer, with minimal expenses.

Separation walls and spacings between floors shall meet all the conditions of insulation and isolation. Separation walls in apartment spaces have been designed in such a way as to create a facility in the reorganization you wish to do for your apartment.

Electrical installations will meet the requirements of the most contemporary installations. The electrical design is according to all the standards for lighting, electricity, phone lines, internet, television antennas etc. Installed materials are certified and provide maximum durability. It is also held the required consulting with the client for potential requests or changes.

The hydraulic system and sanitary fittings. The installations are with collector system, enabling supply independently from each device. We have taken special care for the design of sanitary premises, in order to give them light, air and space so that your welfare is maximized. Sanitary fittings will be of high quality porcelain.

Aspiration systems will be with central conditioning systems.

For more information, call: +355 6960 20704.


Apartament 3+1, Liburnia, Sip:125.3m2.

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Apartament 2+1, Luxor 2, Sip:104m2

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What customers say about us?

House I bought at LIM-EM, at Belle View complex has offered a low price and the closeness to nature that I had dreamed. A flat in Tirana and away from the noise of Tirana.
Viktor Zhusti
Viktor Zhusti
The quality of work, integrity and reliability of LIM-EM in construction and above all respect of the deadlines, convinced me to buy a flat at LIM-EM.
Erisa Zyka
Erisa Zyka
I decided to buy to LIM-EM because their building offers me security, tranquility, clear and fresh air and above all a wonderful view of Tirana.
Eranda Libohova
Eranda Libohova
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