"BELLE VIEW" – A residential complex near the Lake of Tirana

Belle View is a modern residential and service complex. Built near the Lake of Tirana among green hills and with a fantastic view of the lake, this complex offers a quiet and fresh air place, perfect for your house. Lighted, spacious premises and high standards in construction.

The complex has a total area of 12,909 m² and consists of 3 separate objects, located across the hill. Each object has 4 floors on the ground and two floors for parking spaces.

Construction was completed in 2 of the objects and people are residing, meanwhile the the 3rd object is at the finishing stage and it is anticipated to be habitable within the month of September 2015.

Inside the complex you may find everything you need, starting with recreational areas, green spaces, flower gardens, clubs, etc.

For further information, call: +355 6960 20704.


Apartament 3+1, Liburnia, Sip:125.3m2.

Ky ndërtim madhështor është pjesë integrale e investimit të kompanisë sonë në përmirësimin e imazhit dhe modernizimin...

Apartament 2+1, Luxor 2, Sip:104m2

LIM-EM, pas realizimit me sukses të objekteve Belleview, Liburnia, vijon së fundmi me projektin për qendrën më të re ...

Apartament 2+1, Belleview 1, Sip:99m2

Belleview është një kompleks modern banimi dhe shërbimi. I ndërtuar pranë Liqenit të Tiranës në mes të kodrave ...

What customers say about us?

House I bought at LIM-EM, at Belle View complex has offered a low price and the closeness to nature that I had dreamed. A flat in Tirana and away from the noise of Tirana.
Viktor Zhusti
Viktor Zhusti
The quality of work, integrity and reliability of LIM-EM in construction and above all respect of the deadlines, convinced me to buy a flat at LIM-EM.
Erisa Zyka
Erisa Zyka
I decided to buy to LIM-EM because their building offers me security, tranquility, clear and fresh air and above all a wonderful view of Tirana.
Eranda Libohova
Eranda Libohova
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