Human resources are among the most valuable assets of our company. Our staff is the one to whom we dedicate our continous success in the construction field. Their engagement and their work results have managed to create a sustainable system.

LIM-EM consists of a group of qualified staff such as: engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers, technicians and specialists in the respective fields.
Our recruitment policy is based on the qualifications and work experience of the candidate, his skills and adaptation of these attributes with the requirements of the job position. The company encourages employees to improve their practices and performance at work. Performance is monitored through a rating system, which extends to all departments.

Among the added values of the company is the creation of a positive work environment, where employees feel valued and respected for the work they perform. The company often organizes various a ctivities to enhance the team spirit and the communication between the staff.

Opportunities for your Future

Nowadays, it is increasingly harder to imagine working for the same employer all your life. However, the company LIM - EM is interested to cooperate with you for a long time. We wish to offer you the best working environment, the most qualified team, challenging work and maximal appraisal.
Lim-Em offers its employees the opportunity to be developed individually through the group. Through training in the workplace and other trainings, we are willing to further strengthen the skills, knowledge and experience of each employee. These achievements serve simultaneously in the growth of the personal integrity of the employees and company.


As soon as you have decided to apply at LIM-EM, you are advised to pursue the following steps or apply online, using our format, in order to present yourself seriously and increase your chances of selection:

  • Minimize your application in 1-3 pages
  • Designate your application with your name (space) surname (space) CV
  • Minimize the listing of your personal hobbies
  • Match your CV to the job vacancy (position for which you are applying)
  • Attach a Letter of Motivation or write down the position for which you are applying

Upon receipt of your application, the Department of Human Resources conducts an appropriate selection. Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview appointment. The interview process passes through several stages depending on the position, while in addition to the interview, a written test phase may also take place.

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