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    With a consolidated experience and reputation of 17 years, Lim-Em projects and builds your house by:
    Maintaining TRADITION, guaranteeing QUALITY, create TRUST
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    Compliance with deadlines and requirements of customers are the things that apart us from others.
    Your Satisfaction is our Obligation!
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    Each work of Lim-Em is done by using new techniques, modern equipment and the latest technology.
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    Cooperation with the best specialists,
    is the key of our success!
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Are you looking for a house? Shop? Office? We have the solution!





Construction Management

Who are we?

We have started our activity in 1999, LIM-EM has made significant steps, designing and constructing objects of various sizes and functions, residential buildings, service and shopping centers.

Construction Management

Mission and Vision

We bring the best product to grow continuously in the competitive market. We invest in the surrounding community by increasing trust and cooperation at our customers and partners.

Construction Management

Social responsibility

Our focus is on the community. Through programs and initiatives we aim involvement in activities in different aspects of social life.

  • Residential and service buildings
  • Multifunctional building
  • Enterprise into private projects
  • Enterprise public projects
  • Manufacturing and production of inert
  • Sale of raw materials of Construction

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Why to choose LIM-EM?

Standards in Construction

We select carefully the quality of raw materials, pay attention to every detail, we are coherent with the latest technologies.

Superior quality

To be qualitative was the most important values since in our beginnings. We bring to you what the market lacks.

Accuracy and reliability

The relationship of trust with every customer, supplier or collaborator are the basis of our work. We are correct each time, and we grow up with your confidence.

Transparency and Safety

We are transparent in every step of our work. Letters are open to each of you because for us it is of a great importance to provide assurance to you.


who we are

The origins of this increasingly performance lies in 1999, when the company starts its production of aggregates and building materials. The ambition and performance of Lim-Em in construction, except that rank the company among the first ones in Albania, were awarded with the "Star Gold" in the 16th International Convention "for Leadership in Quality" in 2012, in Paris.

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What customers say about us?

House I bought at LIM-EM, at Belle View complex has offered a low price and the closeness to nature that I had dreamed. A flat in Tirana and away from the noise of Tirana.
Viktor Zhusti
Viktor Zhusti
The quality of work, integrity and reliability of LIM-EM in construction and above all respect of the deadlines, convinced me to buy a flat at LIM-EM.
Erisa Zyka
Erisa Zyka
I decided to buy to LIM-EM because their building offers me security, tranquility, clear and fresh air and above all a wonderful view of Tirana.
Eranda Libohova
Eranda Libohova
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