We are constantly improving ourselves.

Our company learns every day from the experience and the innovation. Every day we intend to do our best.

Correctness and Trust
The relationship of trust with every customer, supplier or partner is the base of our work. We are always correct with and we grow up with by confidence.
The Staff is our greatest value
We believe at young, energetic, willing and dynamic staff. We build the future with them and for them.
We all work for a purpose
The staff is just like a big family where everyone cares to give the best. Suppliers are always supported and encouraged by us. The best work is TEAMWORK...

We offer quality in services and products
To be qualitative was the most important value since our first day of work.
Long-term investment
For us profit is not our main priority. We took care to create a selected community, to build qualitative relations and all our projects are long-term investment.
Basically every brick we put is the investment for our society.
Transparency and Safety
We are transparent in every step of our work. Everything is open and clear because it is very important for us to provide security to you.


LIM-EM, appreciates the importance and necessity of S.R not only in theory. Our company always tries to fulfill its role in this way, by operating with the highest responsibility: by supporting clients in every step and giving solutions to the problems by forcing relations with the entire circle of collaborators operating in same industry and, above all, improving the quality of life in communities where we live and work.

LIM - EM and other companies of the Group provide products and services of high quality in business development by creating opportunity for customers, partners and for community.

Our focus is on community, providing a comfortable and contemporary environment, by stimulating employees to provide excellent results, ensuring safety, high security conditions at work. Through programs and initiatives we aim to involve the community in activities organized by us in different areas of social life.

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