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LIM-EM is the first company established in 1999. The company operates on Real Estate investments. Lim-Em has various fields of activity, starting with the investment, design, construction, entrepreneurship, contracting, consulting on a number of projects that focus on urban construction, commercial, industrial and to the production of inert materials.

Now LIM-EM is a successful company for many years in the market which has built a secure future.



Segafredoklar Klar Ltd, since 2005, is Authorised Distrubutor in Albania, of Segafredo Zanetti (Massimo Zanetti Beverage  part of the Group). Klar is the active part of the business in the wholesale and retail coffee products, its  attendants and bar services and restaurants, institutions, companies and families. The company operates  through an extensive distribution network in the entire country.

 A famous Brand and with qualitative products it continues the tradition of being Lider in the market.



Segafredoklar2 Klar & Coffe, since 2005, has the right to Be Administator of all Segafredo Franchise Bars in Albania,  becoming an integral part of Segafredo Zanetti espresso Worldwide S.à (part of Massimo Zanetti  Beverage  Group). Klar & Coffee currently operates several bars Segafredo Franchise, positioned in Tirana,  respectively;  Segafredo Lounge Bar - the Boulevard, Twin Towers, 2nd floor and Segafredo Bar - Boulevard  "Bajram Curri"  ETC 2nd floor.

 Offering a high level of service and venue it will become your favorites one.


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